NTV Asset Management, LLC

Investment Approach


 We Believe That…

  • Target returns for any portfolio should be based on attainable goals of the investor without subjecting the portfolio to undue risk.

  • Proper target returns and investor suitability cannot be determined without consideration of relevant investment time horizons.

  • All investment objectives are influenced by an emphasis on preservation of principal.

  • Portfolios are managed to attain reasonable risk adjusted returns over the long term.

  • Investment planning is conducted during the initial engagement of NTV and reviewed periodically to ascertain changes in the client’s risk profile or financial needs.

  • All portfolios are managed on a fully invested basis with the liquidity guidelines based on the individual needs of the client. Market timing will not be used as a strategic approach; however, under extreme market conditions liquidity may exceed typical levels.

  • Portfolios are managed utilizing strategic asset allocation, sector diversification, and asset rebalancing.